(Photo credit to the wonderful Courtney of Arlo Marie & Co.)



Hello and welcome to Seven Acre Photo!
I have always loved photography. In fact, I would go as far to say I am hopelessly addicted. Way back when I was young, I remember my sisters and I carefully dressing and arranging our Barbie dolls for their "family" pictures. We even went on location; I still have a picture of one Barbie doll perched in an evergreen tree in the front yard. I was always getting scolded for going through too much film (digital photography didn't come soon enough!). I just didn't want to miss that perfect moment, or the excitement of capturing a priceless expression. Although my subjects have changed from Barbies, my first dog, a family member that couldn't hide fast enough, and now my beautiful daughters- my passion has not. Simply put, I think photographs are a wonderful treasure.
Having followed a different path in life, photography was put on the hobby shelf up until the spring of 2010. A friend of mine had asked me to take portraits of her two year old twins. In the small spare bedroom of our home, armed with king sized black and white bedsheets hung between two ladders with clamps I borrowed from my husband, a halogen worklamp, and lots of treats, I ended up with beautiful photos of two cute little girls, and a feeling that my hobby had just taken on a life of its own. One and a half years later, in July 2011, I made it official, and Seven Acre Photo was born.
I have learned so much and continue to learn since that first session and am so grateful to the people that have trusted me with their images. I hope as you browse through my galleries you see that I strive to make my customers as comfortable as possible and truly enjoy their session. I treat my clients as family, and to me, our sessions are much more personal than a business transaction. I shoot in a relaxed, casual manner, and it never fails, most of my favorites are moments they didn't even know I was getting--the moments that aren't planned, the moments that are those treasures to cherish. At Seven Acre Photo, you are not just another time slot to fill. You are a family, a precious newborn, a charming toddler, an expectant mother. My passion lies with newborns, milestones throughout the first year, and families. Let's capture some moments together! Thanks for visiting!