Seven Acre Photo: Blog en-us All images (C) Seven Acre Photo, Elizabeth Less 2010-2023 (Seven Acre Photo) Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:41:00 GMT Mon, 16 Mar 2020 06:41:00 GMT Seven Acre Photo: Blog 78 120 I'm baaaack! Wow--where did the summer go? I feel like I just shot my last session in June, and suddenly I have a Kindergartner, a Preschooler, and a 7 week old (possibly 8 weeks by the time I get this accomplished!) Time just flies. I had all these plans while on leave to get caught up on my own pictures, and while I did get a few done, there just aren't enough hours in the day, especially when I'd rather be cuddling my kiddos. It certainly made me take a step back and think about how I want this approaching busy season to go, and I was able to give myself a heads up and make some changes now, rather than ending up feeling like a crazy person (which I'm getting really good athaha).

As you may already know, I have three littles now plus a day job that I enjoy. Photography is an added bonus that I was blessed with and love sharing with others. However, it is also a beast that feeds on time, energy, money, brain cells, and that very delicate balance between work and family. With technology always growing and changing, more affordable access to DSLR cameras, and daily swap site posts of "ISO cheap photographer", justifying all that one pours into this business is getting increasingly more difficult. Consumers are always looking for a deal, understandably so. However, when it comes to the moments that don't come around again, it pains me to see people bargaining away their memories. Don't get me wrong, I did the JC Penney thing, for my first daughter's whole first year. It worked for me at that time, or so I thought. Looking back, I probably spent more there than I would have at a quality photographer. And yes, the pictures are still in the envelope in a drawer. (That's a post for another day)

What's my point? I'll get there. I wanted to get all that out there first, as it has bothered me for some time. There are AMAZING photographers all around this area, and I refer people to many of them on a regular basis, even hire them for my own family sessions! Do they charge a little more? Yes. And rightfully so. I get it because I am surrounded by the circumstances of this business more intimately than most. My PSA for the day is respect your memories by investing in a quality photographer. Don't let the price you see influence your decision (to a point, of course; I haven't found the money tree yet either), but rather spend some time looking at various photographer's websites and the quality of their work, look at what their packages offer, take into account the fact that yes, you pay a fee up front, but that most likely includes session and editing time, which when broken down into hours, really might not be that much pay per hour. 

All that being said, I am incredibly grateful for my clients. For the most part, we are all just working moms and dads trying to balance everything that comes our way. We try new methods, we see what works, and we change what doesn't. As I said before, taking this break from photography gave me a teeny bit of thinking time (it's amazing what comes to you during those 2am feedings), and I am getting closer to a more clear view of how I want to run my business, and avoid my business running me. There will be pricing changes in the future, but I pinky promise to try my darndest to make them fair to you as well as myself and my family. 

Let's lighten up this post and get to the fun stuff--scheduling sessions! As I maneuver through the world of parenting three kiddos, I will be scheduling a little differently this fall and upcoming year. Sessions are available Mondays, Fridays, and limited Saturdays. September is currently full (thanks for making me feel missed everyone!), and as of right now, October is dangerously close. Last year, I was shooting outdoors until mid-November, so I am keeping my fingers crossed that we get that lucky again, as I prefer shooting outdoors, especially families. November 8th is the tentative date for the Christmas Mini Sessions--I will be getting those details together in early October, so watch for a post about those, they filled up in a matter of days last year!!

Due to the increase in session inquiries and my inability to say no, I came up with a fun idea and wanted to get going on it ASAP. I will be offering a new set of mini sessions, called "Couch to Canvas". I have FIVE slots open, 30 minutes each. These will take place most likely on Saturday, October 11, late afternoon/early evening. These minis will take place at an outdoor location (weather permitting), on a couch (surprise!), with whoever you wish to be in the photos. It can be your family (up to 8 people), your baby (at least 8 months or able to sit), all your kiddos, just you and your main squeeze, etc.! The fee of $100 includes the session, 5 edited digital images, plus a $20 voucher towards a canvas wrap in any size. In order to go forward with these minis, they will need to be booked by Friday, September 12th.  I think it will be a blast, please contact me with any questions!

If you've made it to the end of this post without falling asleep (hopefully!) I just want to again say a huge thank you to all my wonderful, patient, and understanding clients--I seriously appreciate you more than you will ever know, and it has been an honor working with you all. I have been lucky enough to be a teeny little part of your lives and that means the world to me! See you all soon! 


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Welcome Home Eleven long months ago, a soldier left everything he knew for Afghanistan. A brand new baby girl, his 3 year old son, and his beautiful wife said their goodbyes and they all embarked on a journey that they couldn't possibly prepare for. Yesterday this family was reunited just in time for Christmas, and I had the amazing opportunity to capture that moment. This family isn't just another client to me. Angela and I go waaaaaaay back, and she and Pat are high school sweethearts. We've been through Barbies, bad hair, college, weddings, losses of loved ones, and the births of our babies. This was the shoot of my life, and I was so honored to be involved in not just taking the photographs but witnessing that moment in their lives. Emotional, you bet! But, I wouldn't have imagined it any other way! Below are a handful of my favorite images from that whirlwind moment--I have to say, I learned so much from shooting this event. You have to be flexible. The wait was the longest you have ever felt. I was more nervous for this than any wedding I've ever shot! The lighting was terrible, I do not love using any kind of flash, so I knew the images weren't going to have my usual "look". You know what though, I happen to love these more than anything!

Grab a box of tissues and enjoy!




Welcome home Pat and all members of the 235th MP!! Merry Christmas everyone!



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*2013 Christmas Mini Sessions* Thank goodness for Hobby Lobby. (They are not paying me to say that). I stopped by there yesterday for *cough* a few *cough* things and holy moly, they have their Christmas stuff out! My five year old daughter was over the moon looking at everything and declared at the top of her lungs "I LOVE CHRISTMAS!" :) It made my heart smile, as I have always loved that time of year.

Anyway, seeing that Christmas stuff kickstarted my brain and I thought, well shoot, I guess I better plan my mini sessions! I am, after all, much more on the ball this year---last year we were remodeling the studio/house and made the mini session deadline by the skin of our teeth!  They were such a blast last year and I am so looking forward to this year.

Here is the skinny:

They will be taking place Saturday, November 9th, from 10-1, at the studio. The sessions will be $35. This includes a fifteen minute time slot, (1) 8x10, (2) 5x7's, and 15% off additional print orders. There will be treats for the kiddos, plus a drawing for two prizes: 25 predesigned greeting cards OR 50% off a future session! This is a great oppurtunity to get a shot of the kiddos in their Christmas get up (or Christmas jammies--those are always adorable!). Images will be available for ordering in time for the holidays. Due to space limitations, these mini sessions are best for kiddos but I may be able to work with small families, just call/email me and we can talk! I can't wait for these, contact me for your spot!

Here are some of the cuties from last year!


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John+Heidi, Engagement Extravaganza: Sunset on the Dock I think my camera is magic. 

You are wondering why, perhaps?

Well, when we made our way to to dock (with the sun at the time clock, about ready to punch out), there was a handful of people occupying the dock. I made my way down there just to check it out and decide what I wanted to do, and suddenly I realized there was no one on the dock anymore! My sister asked me if I had asked everyone to leave, which made me laugh, because anyone who knows me would laugh at the thought of me directing a large group of people around! I said no, but I bet the big scary camera had something to do with it? Therefore, it is magic. 

You have to know what I'm going to say next.....:)


........Speaking of magic...(and there it is!) 


This next shot actually may have required a bit of magic...apparently EVERYONE but me was having a heart attack as I was setting this up. No faith! Absolutely none. Was the dock moving? A little. Could it have been the large spaces in between the boards that led to deepish water? Perhaps. But really guys, I had it way under control :) 

Seriously you two. 


Coming up next: Day Three: Breakfast with Celebrities :)

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John+Heidi, Engagement Extravaganza Part Two Alright folks, here we go! Day Two, Part One. Yes that's right, day two is worthy of two parts! It is just impossible to squeeze all the awesomeness into one post :)

We set out on this next amazing session armed with a canoe and a paddleboat. My youngest sister Ashley drew the short straw and got to be my copilot (or shall we say copaddler?) Emily jumped at the chance to stay on land with my other camera--those pictures will forever provide a chuckle, and I'm so sorry, but no, I will not be posting those! Let's just say we learned a lot about photography on water during this time, such as:

1. I am not in any way, capable of pedaling a boat AND getting my camera ready to go at the same time. Ashley can fill you in on that one.

2. You have VERY LITTLE control over where your subjects (and yourself!) end up in said body of water. JUST as Heidi and John would get where I wanted them we would have lost our position--can you say frustrating?! (Don't get me wrong though, we were laughing A LOT). 

3. It is way, WAY harder than it looks to get two people in the same place in a canoe. But once you get them there, it is totally awesome. :)

4. "Row, row, row your boat" is inevitably going to find a way into your head after looking at these pictures! 

And we're off!


Have I mentioned how much I love these two??  Word of the day: So cute. I know that's two words, just go with it. 

Speaking of so cute......

I really couldn't have asked for more perfect lighting here!


One of the things John and Heidi like to do together is hike and go on picnics, so we thought it would be super fun to recreate that type of setting. Heidi had just picked up an old picnic basket that worked perfect, and I gathered some things from their house to bring along--don't worry, I don't typically rummage through my clients' homes for props!! :) (Although if you ever need me to.....kidding!!) 

We were quickly losing that perfect lighting but John and Heidi required so little guidance that we soon had more than enough, plus a little extra! You may notice what seems to be some exercising in one image...:)....the location we were in apparently is great for half naked men to land literally RIGHT NEXT TO US and workout!! John and Heidi just couldn't miss out on the action! 


Just a little light reading....

Aaaaaand probably my favorite picture from today's episode....

Stay tuned for Day Two: Part Two, Sunset on the dock! 

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John+Heidi, Engagement Extravaganza First blog post....ever. And guess what, it's going to be huge, like a three part series. See, I have this dear friend, Heidi; we go way back. Like bad hair, scrunchy socks, Barbie weddings, and Girl Talk way back. She met this guy, John. I guess he's alright (kidding, John, kidding!) John is pretty cool, plus he's a Vikings fan, so that pretty much takes care of any bad traits he may or may not have. :) Anyway, John and Heidi are engaged, and I was so honored when they asked me to shoot their engagement session! I packed up my gear and my two trusty assistants(aka, my poor little sisters..hehe) and we took off for Minneapolis. We had some ideas (our secret Pinterest board rocked), which then blossomed into a three day engagement session extravaganza, complete with a celebrity sighting, canoeing, a paint fight, and so much more. I told John and Heidi that their sneak peek would have to be my first blog post ever, beings that Facebook would just probably explode with all the sneak peeks I would want to post. So, here goes!


Day One. Backyard Paint Fight Session. Go. 

So you start with a little paint and an old sheet, looks harmless, right? ;) 

Well, poor John wasn't so sure what to expect, but as you can see we didn't have any fun at all! :)


We ended with this image, which I just have no words for, and it pretty well sums up the entire session as well as these two lovebirds! Love it. I also can't stop laughing like an idiot EVERY TIME I look at it! :) 

Check back soon for Day Two: Row, row, row your boat, canoe, or other watercraft of your choice....PLUS a lakeside picnic and sunset on the dock :) 

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